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Todd Wilson

About me

Welcome to Todd Wilson's Digital Portfolio

I am Todd Wilson, a dedicated 3D digital artist with a rich history rooted in the transformative realms of stop-motion, 3D animation, and advanced modeling. From the outset, my profound passion for digital art has driven me to leverage its power as a transformative force in every project I undertake.

Academic Excellence:

Embarking on a trajectory of artistic excellence, I pursued dual enrollment at the reputable OTC, where I have diligently honed my skills over four years. This academic journey complements a formidable foundation built over 13 years of self-taught experience, beginning my foray into graphic design at the age of six.

A Diverse Skill Set:

Beyond academic confines, my expertise extends to specialized areas such as video editing, Photoshop mastery, Unreal Engine proficiency, and a distinct talent for character rigging. These skills, cultivated over years of hands-on experience, contribute to a comprehensive and refined artistic repertoire.

Aspirations in the Industry:

At 19 years old, my ambitions soar as I set my sights on contributing to the fields of 3D modeling, architecture, and the dynamic landscape of the gaming industry. Each endeavor is approached with a fusion of technical acumen and an unwavering passion for creating immersive and engaging visual experiences.

A Professional Commitment:

With a commitment to professionalism and a dedication to excellence, I invite you to explore my portfolio. Here, you will witness a synthesis of a 13-year artistic evolution and a fervent commitment to delivering visual solutions that transcend the ordinary.

Collaborate with Vision:

Beyond the pixels and polygons, I am poised to collaborate with visionary minds. Let us embark on a journey where creativity meets precision, and your unique vision finds its expression through the lens of my expertise.

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